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New '' Book

A couple of significant spiritual experiences has meant that God is the primary aspect of life. The first one occurred on my 25th birthday, the second happened this year. Between these times numerous other spiritual and normal life experiences impacted to a major degree on life.

Discovering God over these many years has also highlighted those messages that God desires to be uppermost in all of our lives. Many of these have been discussed in ''. Through prayer and other moments with God, these messages were discerned to be correct. I wish to share these.

Hopefully there will be aspects of this book which help you in your discovery of God and God's messages more. Just as various people and experiences in my life impacted significantly on my growth. We can all benefit so much from each other's experiences and wisdom.

Add your thoughts to this blog or to the other platforms available for you to react with this book.

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(Photo: Top of Ubirr, in Kakadu National Park, overlooking the Australian indigenous Arnhem Land at sunset.)

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