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10 'God Today' Series Books by Bryan Foster Out Now

Two major series of Revelations to Bryan Foster from God in 2016 and 2018, form the basis for these ten books written between 2016 and 2023. Bryan is a retired Catholic school teacher and leader of 42 years. As well as a Church leader, particularly in his presidency and secretary roles on both deanery and parish pastoral councils, on the Gold Coast, Australia.

These authentic 21 Revelations were received over two early mornings at 3am, the first in May 2016 and the second in November in 2018. A third one in 1982 began these experiences for the author. A total of 21+1 Revelations.

Books 9 and 10, Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories, (1st ed and 2nd ed), complete the series and were published in 2023.

Both books complete a most informative, and for many, challenging set of Revelations from God to us all. Two significant Revelations and sources are:

1.      There is, and has been, only One God for all people, for all time.                           (Source – a. Revelation # 10, 2016. b. ‘God Today’ Series, 2016-2023. a. Book 1 – One God for All – an analysis of the four largest worldwide religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism -  Scriptures plus Commentators’ views, 2016)

2.      There should be only One Religion for all people, for all time.                                  (Source – a. Book 1 - One God for All – Four worldwide Scriptures and Commentators’ views, 2016. b. Books 9 and 10 - ‘Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories, 1st ed. and 2nd ed’. 2023, c. Inspired Messages (IM) over many years.)

Book 10 - Published – 12 October, 2023

Amazon displays most of Bryan Foster's 30+ book publications, especially this 'God Today' Series. Other bookshop websites display this Series of books also.


These books, including Books 9 and 10, Before Heaven: Hints Tips Stories (1st ed and 2nd ed) are sold on the author’s website page at Amazon at

This series of books is sold on world internet bookshop sites.

A short comparison list of today's prices for Book 10 follows. Book 10 is the longest and largest book within this Series. It is a 7" x 10" book of 392 pages. Most other books are 6" x 9", while the two photobooks are larger in area but with around 50 pages each.


Aus $14.61 Kindle book. ebook length 613p. English

Aus $37.33 Paperback, length 394p. 7” x 10”. English

Aus $54.20 Hardcover, length 394p. 7” x 10”. English


$8.99 ebook

$36.99 Large Print, 629p. 7” x 10”



The 10 books in the God Today' Series, by Bryan Foster, sent by God through Revelations published in this Series, from 2016 to 2023. There is also another from 1982, and the possibility of another from 2022/3?


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